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Banish the Beasties!

By Chrissa Carlson

Summer brings vacations, backyard barbeques, and impromptu visits on the porch. But it also brings guests to the garden. After a promising spring, things can get creepy as insects descend on our carefully tended leaves, roots, and fruit. As the temperatures spike, pests take advantage of stressed plants and ample habitat to wreck your botanical world.

Holy Kale!

Up, Up, and Away!

It's amazing how short our memories can be. Perhaps it was just last year that we watched as our cucumber vines clobber their neighbors (and their neighbors' neighbors). But as May rolls around again, we tenderly set out this season's sweet seedlings, cozily tucked in tight rows with its friends. And even though last year’s tangled mess is hiding in the shadows of our memories, it just seems impossible that this benign little guy will grow to nuisance proportions.

Growing from Seed

What is that saying about March…something about a lion? This year, March is slinking in to the mid-Atlantic like a pussy cat, and as the thermometer consistently tops 60 degrees, gardeners are emerging from hibernation to ready their spaces for planting, perhaps a few weeks earlier than usual. Peas, potatoes, and spinach can go in the ground mid-month, but the wise gardener will bide her time for a few more weeks to avoid losing other tender seedlings to late winter cold snaps.

Welcome to the Urban Farmhouse!

By Chrissa Carlson
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