Every Mile Counts!

If you are like me, then every red light you get stuck at feels like a rude hand gesture toward your fuel efficiency; and at a time where gas prices are between a nickel and dime away from $4.00 a gallon, every mile counts. So, I have researched things you can do to make your rendezvous with the gas pumps a little less frequent.

Tip #1 Don’t Speed

Mold Free Berries!

How much do you hate buying berries and then going to eat them to find they are already moldy?

Start using vinegar today to extend the life of your berries. Prepare a mixture of one part vinegar (raspberry or apple cider work well) and ten parts water. Dump the berries into the mixture and swirl around. Drain, rinse (though the mixture is so diluted, you're not likely to taste the vinegar) and pop in the fridge. The vinegar kills any mold spores and other bacteria that might be on the surface of the fruit. Raspberries will last a week or more!

Solar Efficiency has a “Bright” Future

Solar efficiency may be getting even more of a boost in the near future with the exciting new technologies being developed at Stanford University, and MIT.

The biggest plague to solar technology is the efficiency rate of turning solar energy into usable electricity. Since the inception of solar photovoltaics, the industry has made leaps and bounds, advancing from an efficiency of less than 1% to upwards of 20%, and things just keep getting better.

Don’t Have a Blue Christmas, Have a Green One!

With the myriad of things you have to do this Christmas: decorating, buying presents, baking cookies, planning holiday parties, wrapping gifts, traveling to Grandmas, ....

Farm to Institution: Making Local Food Economies a Reality--13th Annual Conference

Our most anticipated educational and networking event of the year, the Future Harvest CASA 13th Annual Conference, is almost here! Everything you need to know, including the conference schedule and links to break-out session descriptions, is on this page. You can click here for registration and lodging information; online registration will open soon. So scroll down and start making plans!

2012 Beginner Farmer Training - Application Deadline

Future Harvest-Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture is now accepting applications from new farmers across the Chesapeake region interested in participating in the Beginner Farmer Training Program (BFTP) 2012 program year.

Accepted applicants will participate in four program areas (Winter Workshops, Field Training, Farm Tours/Workshops and Future Harvest CASA Conference) beginning January 13, 2012.

Deadline to apply is November 20, 2011.

NEWH Sustainable Hospitality Forum and Tradeshow

The NEWH Sustainable Forum & Tradeshow presents a fresh approach in bringing together innovative, sustainable leaders, ideas, products and design and tangible business results. NEWH invites all members of the design and development community, hospitality industry, event professional and sustainable partners who are looking to gain further insight, promote and build strong business relationships to attend this new industry show.

MSBA Winter Meeting

MSBA Winter Meeting-Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, keynote

Live & Learn Series: A workshop to connect you to your environment

Interested in helping your community and the environment? Looking for simple ways to live at home and work? Join the Live & Learn workshop series as we help to bring eco-minded solutions to you. Key organizations in the Baltimore area talk about ways to conserve energy at home, alternate transportation options and maintenance techniques, native plants and community gardening and so much more.

Net Zero Energy Homes, the Next Standard in Housing

Net Zero Energy Homes, commonly referred to as (NZEB’s), are the wave of the future; and now that wave has crashed on Maryland with the first Net-Zero home built in the Baltimore suburb of Cockeysville.


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