Don’t Have a Blue Christmas, Have a Green One!

With the myriad of things you have to do this Christmas: decorating, buying presents, baking cookies, planning holiday parties, wrapping gifts, traveling to Grandmas, ....

Net Zero Energy Homes, the Next Standard in Housing

Net Zero Energy Homes, commonly referred to as (NZEB’s), are the wave of the future; and now that wave has crashed on Maryland with the first Net-Zero home built in the Baltimore suburb of Cockeysville.

About Greenspring Energy

In 2007, Paul Wittemann started a solar electric, and energy efficiency company that he named: “Greenspring Energy.” Now four years later in 2011, that little start-up has landed on the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies at number 15.

How it all started….

When faced with moving across the country to Colorado for the EcoStar Corporation, Paul Wittemann, now CEO of Greenspring Energy, decided to leave his job and start his own company.

B'more Organic

by Jennifer Buerger
Founder, B’more Organic

We see business as part of a community. We live and work among our neighbors. We use the communities’ resources -- fire, police, and trash pick up. We use water and sewers.

Businesses have lot of burden’s placed upon them by governments, such as taxes and regulations, and they are facing tough issues like rising health care costs. We still believe businesses can help enhance our society as part of the solution to make the world a better place.

Did you know you can get a tax incentive for driving an electric vehicle?

Here is the information you need to obtain your tax incentive on your electric vehicle.
Source: Maryland Energy Administration

Safe Bombs!

Has anyone else noticed how seed bombs are popping up everywhere? Seed bombs are packets or hemp bags full of seeds (obviously) holding everything from wildflowers to garden herbs in them. All you have to do is throw them around your garden or plot of grass and they should start germinating on their own. Usually what they are incased in is biodegradable with soil to start them.

Wouldn’t it be cool to just go around town one day and just “bomb” your neighborhood. Then you could just sit back and watch wildflowers pop up everywhere!

Sustainable Living Roadshow Joins Right2Know March

(Oakland, CA, July 27, 2011) - Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR), presented by Birkenstock USA, today announced the Right2Know National Tour beginning Friday, July 29 in San Francisco, CA. The tour will stop in fifteen cities including Salt Lake City, UT; Nelson, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Boone, NC; Saugerties, NY; Ithaca, NY; New York City; Seven Springs, PA; Washington, DC; Fairfax, VA; Asheville, NC; the US Southeast; Austin, TX and San Antonio, TX. SLR will also stop at K-12 schools, farmer’s markets and community centers in several states.

The Never-Ending Cleaning Product Debate

Everyone has his or her favorite cleaning product for one reason or another. For me I use anything by Mrs. Meyer’s for so many reasons. I trust their ingredients and their values but above that I believe their products actually clean my house and clothes. The sudsy feeling I have when I am cleaning my dishes isn’t something I get with other organic cleaning products. That isn’t to say that the amount of suds determines the ability of the product to clean but for me that is a determining factor. I also appreciate this product for their smell. Some products tend to be overwhelming but Mrs.

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