Improving the Quality of School Lunches

It doesn’t really matter that the sun hasn’t made its way to past the Earth’s equator yet to announce that fall is officially here. We celebrated Labor Day, which means that pools are closing and schools are opening. As we all know, that’s the official end to summer.

For parents, we can put away our summer reading books and say good-bye to carefree summer nights. Our energies now have to go into preparing for the next day’s activities. And, making those kid’s lunches.

Banish the Beasties!

By Chrissa Carlson

Summer brings vacations, backyard barbeques, and impromptu visits on the porch. But it also brings guests to the garden. After a promising spring, things can get creepy as insects descend on our carefully tended leaves, roots, and fruit. As the temperatures spike, pests take advantage of stressed plants and ample habitat to wreck your botanical world.

2012 State of Our Earth Eco Conference

In conjunction with the American Visionary Art Museum's current original exhibition–ALL THINGS ROUND: Galaxies, Eyeballs & Karma–we will be hosting an all day, visionary, ECO CONFERENCE

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