Improving the Quality of School Lunches

It doesn’t really matter that the sun hasn’t made its way to past the Earth’s equator yet to announce that fall is officially here.

Save the life of your berries

Mold Free Berries!

How much do you hate buying berries and then going to eat them to find they are already moldy?

Welcome to the Urban Farmhouse!

By Chrissa Carlson
[email protected]

Brita Water Bottle Filter

A Solution to Plastic Water Bottles?

I don't know about you but I am always thirsty.

B'more Organic Plant

B'more Organic

by Jennifer Buerger
Founder, B’more Organic

K cups, coffee, green,

K Cups Have Taken Over

I pose to you this: We have been given these beautiful, high tech, “efficient”, one cup coffee makers.

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A 5-workshop series by Meme Thomas of Baltimore Honey

BFF is excited to announce that we will be hosting Baltimore Honey’s beekeeping workshop again this year!