Is it Spring Yet?

Over the past couple weeks I have constantly had to remind myself it’s only February. What my mother and I have deemed the longest feeling month of the entire year (despite in actuality being the shortest by number of days) has surprised us Baltimoreans with quite a few bright, sunny days, some of which has even boasted temperatures in the 60’s! I couldn’t think of a more pleasant way to spend the long winter days than being outside on a day that feels like anything but. Just yesterday I went for an evening walk in the Mount Vernon neighborhood without my hooded North Face, opting instead for a light zip-up sweatshirt. “Glorious” doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful it felt!

Of course winter is not over, as today’s winds and 40-degree weather remind us. But that doesn’t have to stop us from looking forward to spring and thinking about how we’ll spend those perfect few months of light breezes and bearable temperatures that require neither skimpy T-shirts nor heavy parkas. What I am most looking forward to is the farmers markets that will start up again this spring. I have been starting to check out the Maryland Department of Agriculture's site which lists Farmers Markets in the state by county. Most of Baltimore City's markets do not start until June, though there are a few starting in April and May that will draw people out of the crowded supermarkets and into the aisles featuring local vendors and their oh-so-wonderful fresh produce. I am especially looking forward to the opening of a new market at the 1700 block of Charles Street on Friday afternoons. I live nearby, so I can't wait to be able to take my bike to the market! It sounds like a scene from a movie, and I'm certainly excited to live it out in real life.

What are you looking forward to this spring? Do you have any new ideas to live in a more eco-friendly fashion?