eco + books

We don't have television, and don't yet allow our two-year-old to engage with our computers/iPads/iPhones, except for the occasional video chat with long distance relatives.

Books are huge in our house. Our son loves to sit for hours and be read to. He enjoys endless conversations/re-telling about his favorite-at-the-moment titles. He loves "reading" to himself, the dogs, his toys, and dolls. We are fortunate to have a quite large selection of children's books, but after reading them again and again the adults who are reading them out loud (again and again and again…) start to consider seeking new titles.

So, obviously the most eco-friendly way of bringing new titles (for children or adults) into the house is the library. We do frequent various branches of the Enoch Pratt Library ( ), but there are times that a particular book is one we'd like to add to our permanent collection.

So far, for us, the most eco-conscious ways of doing this are:
- (free) used books from The Book Thing ( ), in Waverly open every Saturday & Sunday from 9-6. An amazing resource for free books of all types, but not necessarily the most convenient way of seeking out specific titles.
- (free) used books from freecycle,
- used books from a yard sale or craigslist ( )
- used books from a local thrift store
again not reliable ways to get a specific title, but can be good sources for replenishing the shelves.

- used books from a local used book store ( , , , )

- used books online from a seller such as - a socially conscious company that contributes to world literacy and other honorable charities.

When, for one reason or another, only a new book will do, we try to buy locally shopping at Breathe Books on the Avenue in Hampden ( ) their children's books are on a couple shelves in the back room, The Children's Bookstore ( ) on Deepdene in Roland Park, or Red Canoe ( ) on Harford Rd in Lauraville/Hamilton. All 3 stores are more than happy to order virtually any title for you, and we feel good about contributing to our local economy in the process.

How about you? Do you have any great sources for books?