A Solution to Plastic Water Bottles?

I don't know about you but I am always thirsty. I don't drink soda or any of the bottled ice tea's and other drinks with high fructose corn syrup in them so my go to is always water. After a while it was starting to get frustrating always going out in public and buying water whenever I was thirsty. Finally a company got smart and created something beyond a Nalgene Water bottle. Brita created their Brita Water Bottles which I love. They aren't too expensive (especially if you buy them on sale or on amazon.com). I love that you can take them wherever you go and you can feel good about filling them up at water fountains, sinks etc because the water is being filtered each time you fill it up.

Each BPA free Brita Water Bottle holds 24 oz. and replaces the use of about 150 bottles. In my opinion I would love if they held more water but it is definitely a start. They also can be a bit tricky to get a good gulp out of but all in all I think these are well worth the $8 investment so we can stop making and selling so many plastic bottles.

Brita Water Bottle Filter