Safe Bombs!

Has anyone else noticed how seed bombs are popping up everywhere? Seed bombs are packets or hemp bags full of seeds (obviously) holding everything from wildflowers to garden herbs in them. All you have to do is throw them around your garden or plot of grass and they should start germinating on their own. Usually what they are incased in is biodegradable with soil to start them.

Wouldn’t it be cool to just go around town one day and just “bomb” your neighborhood. Then you could just sit back and watch wildflowers pop up everywhere!

You can purchase seed bombs at, and but you can also make your own. To make your own seed bomb follow these steps


Seed or mix of your choice
Dried organic compost of any kind
Finely Ground dry red clay

1. Mix one part seed into three parts compost
2. Add five parts dry clay to the compost/seed mix and combing thoroughly
3. Add a little water a bit at a time until the mix becomes doughlike. You don't want it to be soggy
4. Roll tightly packed little balls about the size of marbles, and set them aside to dry in a shady place for a few days
5. To make the strongest impact distribute these balls at the rate of about 10 balls per square yard of ground

Seed bombs don’t have to be for own enjoyment. They make great gifts too!

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Seed Bombs