The Evolution of the Solar Revolution

Since its introduction to mainstream attention, solar energy has been ever evolving. The focus of its production evolution has always been to produce the panels at the lowest cost, and it’s worked pretty well.
“When Greenspring Energy first started back in 2007, a system that today costs $17,000 used to cost three times as much. The technology has come such a long way in such a short amount of time” said Sales Director, Larry Chaput.
Part of the shift has been the emergence of China in the solar game back in 2006. Where-as ten years before most solar panels were made in the US, Germany, and Japan; China has since swooped onto the scene and become one of the top volume solar panel producers in the world.
To compete, top companies around the world had to streamline their production methods to try and match what China was doing, and in effect flooding the market with panels. But now there has been a shift in production goals.
Instead of trying to produce the maximum amount of panels at the minimum amount of cost, manufactures are instead focusing on making slightly more expensive panels that are much more efficient, meaning although they are more expensive per panel, consumers can buy less for the same output.
“Since the beginning, Greenspring has only partnered with the best, most efficient brands, with proven performance records: Schuco, LG, and SolarWold. We just partnered with SunPower, who makes the most efficient solar panel in the world, so we are really excited about that” said Chaput.
SunPower holds the world record in efficiency for its panels with a rating of 22.4 percent, meaning they deliver up to 50 percent more energy than conventional panels, and it all comes down to their patented construction.
Unlike conventional solar panels with metal gridlines on the surface of the cell which blocks the light, SunPower uses an all-back contact system. They also employ wider metal contacts which conduct more electrical current, and a backside mirror that reflects light back on the cell.
“In the end it’s the efficiency that matters,” says Chaput. “Every home and situation is different, and there is no cookie cutter formula when it comes to solar, which is why at Greenspring we are committed to providing the best products, and the best service to meet the needs, and budgets, of our clients.”