With all the new ways to run your car do you know the closest location to fuel up?

Since when have there been so many different ways to fuel your car? Today there is gas, electric, diesel, monster diesel and even vegetable oil. Use this guide to find the closest fuel type you need.

Vegetable Oil/Bio Fuel:
Baltimore Food Co-Op
Sisson St. at BFC

Merriweather Post Pavillion
Columbia MD

Discussion Group

Baltimore Biodesiel Blog

Electric Charging Stations:


65 public charging stations throughout the greater Baltimore-Washington area.
Fitzgerald Building—Mt. Royal Ave.
Community College of Baltimore County campus in Catonsville
8 at BWI

Monster Diesel:

Formulated for use with any diesel engine, Monster Diesel™ offers a comprehensive, cost effective solution to address each of the challenges common to these engines, all in one product. While there are a variety of diesel additives to address one or a few of these challenges, none is as powerful and complete as Monster Diesel™. Monster Diesel™ is the only additive you will ever need to address all your diesel engine’s problems!
• Increases Power by 10%
• Increases MPG up to 15%
• Restores lubricity lost in ULSD
• ANIT-GEL lowers the CFPP to -20ºC
• Reduces engine wear by 40%
• Boosts the cetane number by six numbers, which is a 12% increase
• Reduces emissions by 23%
• Reduces raw hydro carbons by 10.2%, making your diesel "greener"
• Decreases soot by 38%
• Provides corrosion control in the fuel system, improving storage stability
• Keeps injectors, lines, and tanks clean
• Cost effective solution to address each of the challenges common to diesel powered engines
• One quart of Monster DieselTM contains the energy equivalent of 25 gallons of diesel fuel
• Made from U.S. sourced materials
Whether for your truck, boat, heavy or farm equipment, you will see a savings in fuel and maintenance costs and improved performance over the extended life of your engine!

Citgo Gas Station—Jarrettsville Pike, Jacksonville MD

Charging Station Map